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How to Up-sell Your Bakery's Menu Items

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When purchasing food at a local fast food restaurant, you’ve most likely heard, “would you like fries or a soda with that?” That question is up-selling, and it is an effective sales tool that often gets customers to spend more money in your bakery. Powerful ways to up-sell your bakery's menu items include:

  1. Training All Bakery Cashiers on Up-Selling
    A great cashier has the ability to quickly up-sell items to customers with simply questions. Before a cashier walks up to the POS system, make sure that he or she has been previously trained on all the up-selling methods you want them to use when taking orders from your bakery's customers. Also train employees about the menu items of your bakery that complement each other so that they can recommend items to customers.
  2. Make Sure Your Bakery's Complementary Items Are Close on Your Menu
    If bagels and cream cheese go well together, put them close together on your bakery's menu. Customers that see items that pair well together on the menu are more likely to be tempted by them which means they are more likely to spend more money at your bakery.
  3. Make Suggestions on Your Bakery's Menu
    Posting on your menu that a bagel goes well with your bakery's house coffee or with your signature cream cheese is a great way to up-sell your menu's items to your customers. If customers see combinations they hadn't thought of before, but that sound tasty on your menu, they are more likely to order both items. A simple “try our house coffee with one of our bakery's fresh bagels!” will do.
  4. Offer Combination Discounts
    Offering a bagel and coffee together for $3.00 as opposed to $4.00 had each been purchased individually is a great way to raise the sales quantity of items. Customers who feel as though they are receiving a special offer or discount are more likely to spend additional money at your bakery.

Up-selling products in your bakery is a great way to improve sales. Not using up-selling could cost your bakery hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in additional income each month so make sure that your bakery's employees practice up-selling everyday, and make sure your menu up-sells items on its own as well. Up-selling will be the one of the easiest things you will ever do to promote your bakery's products, so make sure it is done well.

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