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The Perfectly Kept Bakery Inventory

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For a bakery to be able to maintain operations, and to prepare all of its products on a consistent daily basis, a proper inventory must be kept. A well kept inventory is a bakery's life blood, and will not only provide a bakery with a constant flow of the correct products, but will also make food preparation and restocking easier for bakery employees. There are three key components to keeping a perfect inventory in your bakery, and they are as follows:

A Well-Stocked Bakery Inventory

To keep at well stocked inventory, your bakery has to have a proper ordering system in place. To order the correct amount of product for your bakery, your bakery’s weekly sales must be projected first. Projecting your sales before you place your bakery’s order will ensure that you order the correct amount of product without over ordering. Because large amounts of a bakery’s finances can be tied into inventory at any given time, over ordering should be avoided. Over ordering can lead to costly waste as many products may go bad before your bakery is able to use them.

A Well-Organized Bakery Inventory

A well organized inventory will not only make locating specific items easier for your bakery’s employees, but it will also provide a stimulating visual which will make your entire back room seem well kept. Properly organizing your inventory will also prevent cross-contamination of food products in your bakery which prevents the spread of food borne illnesses.

A Clean Bakery Inventory

An inventory must remain clean at all times to remain effective. A clean inventory will reduce the likelihood of pests in your back room which are often attracted by the dark spaces and unlimited food quantity, and will limit any disease or bacteria. To maintain inventory cleanliness, daily and weekly cleaning checklists should be created for the area.

A well kept inventory is a great way to start your staff off on a great foot every day. A well kept inventory will constantly supply your bakery’s employees with the right products ensuring that your bakery’s customers are always able to get their favorite breads, coffee cakes, and muffins. A well managed inventory will make each day in your bakery easier, as you will never have to worry about running out of an item, or making a last minute trip to the local grocery store or needed items.

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