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5 Ways to Improve the Speed of Service

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Bakeries aren't necessarily known for being fast-paced environments filled with lots of impatient customers who are in need of quickly returning to work. This might be a little different if your bakery offers a café as well, but for the most part your bakery will remain a fairly laid-back atmosphere. Even though your bakery may feel more laid back, you should still have timely and efficient customer service. If you feel that your bakery’s service speed is waning, your bakery may need to improve in one of the 5 following ways:

  1. Adequate Bakery Employee Training
    Employees who have not been adequately trained cannot provide quick customer service in your bakery. They won’t be able to remember your bakery’s recipes and will fumble around bakery equipment. To make sure that your bakery’s employees are able to deliver quick service, make sure to train them adequately on each of the following:
    • The POS system
    • bakery menu (prices and recipes)
    • Equipment use
  2. Controlling the Traffic of Your Bakery
    The flow of your bakery can greatly affect your speed of service. If your customers aren't properly told where to go to place an order or where to stand when only looking at your menu, they will slow down your bakery's traffic. To promote a smooth flow of customers in your bakery make sure that your customers will be able to move comfortably and quickly from the menu to the line to the POS to the pick up.
  3. Re-working Your bakery’s Menu
    If your bakery’s menu is filled with menu items and descriptions, it can be hard for a customer to read causing them to slow down the line. On the contrary, if your bakery’s menu it too vague, a customer may be inclined to ask numerous questions which can also slow your line down. A clear menu with short descriptive terms is easy for bakery customers to navigate.
  4. Create Work Stations in Your Bakery
    To increase you speed of service and to promote a safer work environment you should consider creating work stations in your bakery. With work stations each employee has a designated job and is less likely to bump or get in the way of other employees. By creating work stations, you are creating an efficient assembly line within you bakery which is sure to speed up service time.
  5. Adequate Staffing in Your Bakery
    If your bakery does not have enough employees to work, then its speed of service will suffer greatly. To make sure your bakery is adequately staffed ask yourself:
    • How busy will my bakery be that day?
    • Do I have enough employees hired to handle my bakery’s business volume?
    • How many employees does it take to fill each station at the bakery?

Your customers will head over to a competitor’s bakery in a heartbeat if it means waiting in shorter lines for the same quality of product. Make sure your bakery doesn’t miss out on customers because of slow service. Maintain optimal service speeds at all time to ensure your bakery’s success.

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